Accidents involving tractor trailers can be some of the most devastating. It’s simple physics. When a truck weighing up to 80,000 pounds slams into a 3,000 lb car at sixty-five miles per hour, the results are typically tragic. That’s why within hours of a serious accident involving an eighteen wheeler, insurance companies will dispatch a team of highly trained investigators to the accident scene to search for evidence to protect the insurance company’s financial interests. But who protects the car accident victim’s interests? Americans earning average incomes don’t have the resources to send their own team of trained investigators to the accident scene. Besides, they’re most likely being treated for serious, life changing injuries. Fortunately, personal injury lawyers level the playing field for average Americans involved in big rig accidents. And that’s the point of this Brantley Davis Ad Agency truck ad.

The ad employs dramatic footage and customized music, stylized to create a nefarious mood at the start of the ad. Tension increases as the camera pans in on the undercarriage of an overturned eighteen wheeler, revealing a team of investigators videotaping the accident carnage and looking for clues to defend the insurance company against a claim. As the ad concludes, the music reaches a crescendo and stops as attorney Nelson Baez delivers the final line, “Because we look out for your interests, not the insurance company’s.”

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