Let’s face it, the public is not fond of personal injury lawyers.  You’ve heard the jokes. And some personal injury lawyers deserve ridicule, hanging around emergency rooms trolling for clients or handing out business cards at car accident scenes.  But the fact is most personal injury lawyers have their clients best interest at heart and serve an essential purpose in our system of justice. Imagine life without personal injury attorneys. You can check my source here to get a lawyer and get help with injury cases. Who would keep greedy insurance companies from lowballing car accident victim’s claims just to please their Wall Street investors? Who would hold large corporations accountable when defective products like Talc cause cervical cancer in women?  Who would take on callous employers that take advantage of workers injured on the job? And who would stand up for children harmed by negligent landlords that exposed kids to toxic levels of lead paint?

The fact is, without personal injury lawyers, working class Americans would have nowhere to turn when large corporate entities with endless resources take advantage of them.  Personal injury lawyers should be proud of what they do. They balance the scales of justice for average Americans.