Brantley Davis Ad Agency is a collection of seasoned marketing professionals committed to creating highly effective, breathtaking advertising on behalf of America’s leading law firms.  The team is dedicated to raising the bar on law firm advertising by combining the principles of high-end cinematography with clever marketing thinking.  Over the years, Brantley Davis principals have introduced marketing tactics that have changed law firm marketing, including 15 bookend spots, competitive frequency benchmarking and creative hooks like  “What’s Your Case Worth?”

seasoned marketing professionals

The full service advertising agency is based in Washington D.C. and was founded by Brantley Davis.  Mr. Davis is an award-winning writer that has been marketing law firms, major automotive retailers, issue advocacy groups and financial institutions for over thirty years.  Thousands of stories have been written about his ads, which have helped pass major federal legislation, inspired presidential executive orders and built new personal injury law firms into dominant players.