Scrappy Media Buying. Because Gorgeous Ads Were Meant to Be Seen.

An impactful media buy is as important as the quality of your ads. Over thirty years of negotiating lawyer media, our team has gained invaluable insights into what works and what doesn’t. We know which dayparts ring phones, how to negotiate low rates that still run, and the frequency required to make gorgeous ads stand out. That means more of your ad dollars are spent generating cases, not “experimenting.”

Industry Leading Frequency Benchmarking and Analysis

There’s a frequency war underway in law firm advertising, a media arms race. The John Morgans of the world are setting up shop in markets across the country and outspending long time law firm advertisers from day one. Morgan’s spot frequency is often so high, it drowns out other law firm messaging within months. That’s why it’s critical to understand the competitive media landscape before placing a media buy. And why Brantley Davis benchmarks law firm competitive media spending, spot frequency and unit mix for all our clients, before we plan media buys. We know how many spots each law firm advertiser is running on each station in each daypart before we even call the stations. Approaching media in any other way is like flying blind.

A Winning Negotiating Philosophy

We LOVE negotiating, getting a deal, maybe to a fault. But there’s not much more satisfying than winning a negotiation. That’s why we negotiate everything, even mundane items in our personal lives. And while that spirit may annoy some people, our clients love it. Because that means more bang for the buck in their media buys. Having said that, we recognize that stations are our partners and tough, but fair negotiations make for the most productive relationships. (As long as we win! :)

A History Steeped in Law Firm Media

Brantley Davis's first job after graduating college was at WDCA-TV in Washington DC where he sold airtime to Washington and Baltimore’s top personal injury law firms. His experience negotiating rating points and learning the machinations of broadcast TV, have served as an exceptional basis for a career marketing law firms. Mr. Davis remains personally involved in each client's media strategy, as well as cause and effect of various media tactics.

Sherri Franklin heads up the media team. She’s been planning and negotiating media for thirty years, not just for personal injury law firms but for major national brands like Pepsi, All-State and more. Ms. Franklin’s background working for some of the country’s largest ad agencies helped hone her skills as a consummate media buying professional. From local spot TV to Network, OTT to targeted banner ads, Sherri delivers, big time. She’s also a diehard sports fan that regularly wins the NCAA office pool and knows more about sports than anyone in the office.