Last week the House passed President Biden’s $2 Trillion dollar spending package. According to The Wall Street Journal,
the bill contains a provision that could benefit plaintiffs and their attorneys if the bill passes the Senate and is signed into law.

“Trial lawyers got language that permits them to deduct certain expenses for cases taken on a contingency basis.”

Most plaintiff’s law firms already level the playing field for accident victims by charging no upfront costs and only charging clients a fee if they win the case. But the new provision could allow trial lawyers to take cases they may have rejected in the past.

Brantley Davis, President of Brantley Davis Ad Agency, a marketing firm specializing in law firm marketing, commented “If this bill becomes law, personal injury lawyers will accept more cases and that will pressure insurance companies to settle plaintiff’s accident claims for more money. Good for accident victims and trial lawyers, but not good for insurance companies.”

The senate will take up the bill in coming weeks but the odds of it passing remain low as Senator Joe Manchin (D) WVA and Kyrsten Sinema (D) AZ continue to object to various aspects of the legislation.