In November of 2021, a Midwest law firm called us.  They weren’t happy….

The law firm had been with the same law firm marketing ad agency for five years and things were stale.  Their ads were cheesy, screaming cookie cutter ads that failed to leverage the law firm’s unique selling propositions.  Complicating matters, Morgan and Morgan was entering the market in January, putting even more pressure on the market.  But time was tight.  Our new law firm wanted new commercials up in first quarter.  BDAA would have to move quickly to meet the deadline while at the same time ensuring a stellar end product and successful media negotiations.


This part was relatively easy.  Since we’ve been marketing law firms for thirty years, we know what works and what doesn’t.  And over the last twenty-four months, BDAA has created several new, eye opening campaigns that complement our workhorse standards.  Campaigns that push the envelope and look completely different from the homogenous sea of lawyer commercials.


BDAA’s Senior Media buyer and I have been involved in lawyer media for 25+ years respectively.  We both started buying lawyer media in the late 1990s.  So we know lawyer media inside and out.  However, in this case, the media was a little more challenging as some TV stations wanted to raise rates, in January, the cheapest time of the year to advertise!  That didn’t last long.  BDAA’s seasoned team engaged a strategy that has never failed.  Stations relented, dropped rates, we expanded dayparts and reach.

The former ad agency had also neglected to use high reach dayparts, choosing instead to use Daytime exclusively.  In our opinion, that was a mistake as reach would be severely limited and so would case quality.


BDAA’s new ads launched in mid March using the same media budget as the previous ad agency.  So, what happened?  April 2020 to April 2021, the new law firm was up 21 cases!  And May is on an even more impressive pace.  By the end of May, the firm is projected to be up 50 cases for the year.  And those aren’t Work Comp or Social Security cases.  We’re talking Motor Vehicle Accident cases averaging about $12,000 in revenue per case.  That’s $600,000 in additional revenue without increasing the marketing budget.  In just a few months!

UPDATE:  In May 2022, our new law firm signed 86% more cases than the previous May.  And 90% more than May 2020.  Consider those results for a moment.  Without increasing the media spend, this law firm was able to nearly DOUBLE the number of cases they usually get in a month.  As a matter of fact, May was the best month they’ve had in years!  Despite Morgan & Morgan entering the market.  That’s a ton of fun!  And case quality has improved too-more case accepted per number of calls.