“Say Anything You Like About Me, But Spell My Name Right.” P.T. Barnum

Some law firms are terrified of publicity.  And understandably so.  They’re concerned about being portrayed in a manner that does not reflect well on the profession, their firm and their skills.  But the fact is, even less than favorable “Publicity” can increase awareness of brands, and drive revenue.  That was certainly the case when Saturday Night Live parodied the TV ads we produced for Cellino & Barnes.  Viewers had a good laugh at our expense.  But after an accident, they called Cellino & Barnes.  Business boomed!  Then, Tariq from Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show did a hilarious two minute segment about the Cellino & Barnes jingle.  He even sang it!  And again business boomed.

Take a look at the videos and laugh.  Then scroll down to see the original Cellino & Barnes ad along with the jingle.  And remember, as the renowned showman P.T. Barnum noted, all publicity isn’t bad.