A new law firm client recently asked us to take a look at their re-designed website.  They’d partnered with a well known, relatively expensive web company. And indeed, the website looked good.  Design was clean and crisp, visuals were alluring. Everyone seemed pleased. Until a Brantley Davis Digital account executive pulled the site up on mobile.  Unfortunately, the site looked atrocious: no shot of the attorney featured in the TV ads; no “Free case review;” no phone number, just lots of words.  And this site was created by a purported digital leader in PI law firm design. The client was mystified and perturbed, as they should be.

Because research shows that lower income Americans use mobile for online access at much higher rates than more affluent people.  Many don’t even have PCs. And as we all know, folks from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are much more likely to call a PI attorney after an accident.   If you have any doubts about mobile use, studies abound on the web. Here’s one from Pew Research Center https://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheet/mobile/

“Reliance on smartphones for online access is especially common among younger adults, non-whites and lower-income Americans.”

Pew Research Center 2019

At Brantley Davis Ad Agency, we’ve seen this play out in PI lawyer PPC campaigns for years.  The exact percentages vary market to market, but typically our Google analytics show 70%-80% of all personal injury PPC clicks and conversions are generated through mobile devices.

Why do professionals who design PI lawyer websites often marginalize mobile design?  The answer is probably quite simple. They design on a massive PC all day. Designers fall in love with the gorgeous visuals spanning the full width of their 24” Mac screens forgetting that a mobile screen is what drives calls and cases.

So the next time you redesign your website or create a landing page for a mass tort, think mobile first.  It’s the right call.