Tragically, pedestrian deaths caused by motor vehicles have been rising precipitously.  According to data provided by the Governors Highway Safety Association, pedestrians killed by motor vehicles rose 17% in the first half of 2021. To put the increase in perspective, here are the numbers:

Pedestrian Fatalities Caused by Motor Vehicles

  • 2011    4,457
  • 2020   6,516
  • 2021    6,882 Pace (3,441 first 6 months 2021 compared to 2,934 in 2020)

Car crash deaths have also surged.  There are a variety of factors contributing to the rise in fatalities including less police officers patrolling roads, reckless motorists driving at higher speeds, and outdated infrastructure.  Whatever the cause, the families of the deceased and injured deserve robust legal representation that will help them put their lives back together.  That’s where your law firm comes in.

So how does your law firm generate more pedestrian cases?  At risk of stating the obvious, advertise specifically for Pedestrian cases.  The old adage that “you get what you advertise for” is true.  But many firms still refuse to run pedestrian specific ads in their TV rotation rationalizing that the market is simply too small.  That’s a mistake.  Here’s a case in point.  The week we started running Pedestrian specific TV ads in a major market on the west coast, the law firm signed two Pedestrian accident cases.  Both were seven figure cases.

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And look both ways before you cross the street!