MoneyBig Time LawyerYour Interests.

Here are three spine tingling TV ads both lawyers and audiences love: Money, Big Time Lawyer and Your Interest. Produce these ads and you’ll love the results.

Case Worth, The Most Successful Ad Campaign Ever.

One of the first questions accident victims ask attorneys is how much their case is worth. That’s why we shaped an entire campaign around this client hot button twenty years ago. And why today, What’s Your Case Worth continues to be one of the most effective hooks in law firm marketing.

Dramas: Advertise for Big Cases, Get Big Cases.

Like the opening to an enthralling novel, these dramatic ads reach out and grab viewers, dragging them into the harrowing stories of accident victims. That’s probably why we typically see a spike in case calls similar to the accident scenarios depicted in the ads, proving law firms get what they advertise for.

Innovative Hooks Help Ads Break Through the Clutter.

Many people think all lawyers ads are essentially the same and tune out. That’s why we created these ads featuring innovative hooks consumers can’t ignore and characters audiences won’t soon forget. Because break through advertising puts less pressure on media dollars and produces breakthrough results.

Ads That Make Audiences Smile.

Sometimes taking a break from your regular ad messaging to make audiences smile can freshen your brand. In these ads, attorneys share humorous personal moments, warm holiday greetings and captivating local shots. Try it. We promise the results will make you smile too.

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